James Taylor

Sydney based UX & Product Designer

About Me

Sydney based UX and product designer working @ Tyro Payments as a design lead.

Using a combination of lean product management strategies and design thinking, I like to solve unique, complex problems for companies large and small.

Working with Fortune 500 companies all the way to start ups both nationally and internationally.

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Product Analysis & Strategy

Working in an agile environment with experience in Lean UX, I help develop the right product strategy to make products meet their market.

Research and Experience Design

The research process relies on user journeys, personas and segmentation modelling, through to prototypes and product fit testing.

Visual and Interface Design

A strong background in visual design allows me to turn our research tests and findings into highly visual, beautiful products.

Clear, concise copywriting

Great user experiences start with great content, and always need great copywriting to communicate concepts to people at more than just a visual level.


I’m unable to speak in great detail about some of my client’s work due to confidentiality, but I’m happy to talk about my process in further depth.


A sample of some of my product and UX design work both in Sydney and with international clients. Contact me to learn more about what went into these projects.


Tyro Payments – Android app


Tyro Payments – iOS App


Software platform – Product Dashboard


Adammatic.com – Data Analytics


PractiPro – PMS Dashboard


Brand ambassador dashboard


CBA – Business Analytics Dashboard


Grocery and Recipe Management App


Some of my latest thoughts.

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