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Sydney based Product Designer & Manager


I’m a Sydney based designer turned product manager, specialising in user experience (UX) product design and strategy in both freelance and full time roles. Currently working @ Tyro Payments as the Senior Product Manager for Digital Channels, previously their Product Design Lead.

I’ve been lucky to have worked with Fortune 500 companies, all the way to start-ups in Australia and internationally including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ZTE and Hollard.

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Wanna know what it’s like to work with me? Here’s the process I follow, with some flexibility depending on the needs of the business. They’re all unique snowflakes 🙂

Understanding the problem

We start by using a Lean UX methodology, first to observe and understand customer and business needs first, before diving straight into delivery mode. Lots of guesses and hypothesis writing here that will guide our testing later.

Define, prototype and test

We narrow our research with segmentation modelling, develop potential user journeys, and run cross-functional workshops to create prototypes and test them with real users.

Building and testing for usability

If we find market fit (and we don’t always), we develop using Agile methdologies, embedding design with engineering to design native, beautiful solutions together, testing for usability as we go.

Launch, learn and iterate

When we launch is where the final piece of the puzzle lands. We keep an eye on our analytics and continue to research and ensure our product continues to solve problems. If not, we learn why and iterate.


Yeah, it’s a logo dump…I’m bound by confidentiality on some of these projects. However, if you’d like to know a bit more about them, feel free to contact me. 


Here’s some of my more recent product and experience work, both in Sydney and internationally. These are the final outputs, I can’t show a lot of the process online…contact me to learn more about what went into them.

Tyro Payments – Android app

Tyro Payments – iOS App

AvantLink – Affiliate marketing platform

OnPulse – Health practitioner platform

PractiPro – PMS Dashboard

Fervora – Brand ambassador dashboard

CBA – Business Analytics Dashboard

L’il Dish – Grocery and Recipe Management App


My latest thoughts. Some of the them good, and some not so good…

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